7-11 September 2020
Institute of Mathematics, NAS of Ukraine
Europe/Kiev timezone

About the Conference

In memoriam Yu.M.Berezansky

This International Conference is organized by the Institute of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and Dragomanov University, Interdisciplinary Research Center for Complex Systems, Kyiv, to commemorate outstanding Kyiv mathematician, Yuriy Berezansky (1925 - 2019).

The topics of the conference include and extend his scientific interests and can be listed as follows:

  • Operator theory and differential equations
  • Moment and interpolation problems
  • Infinite-dimensional analysis
  • Noncommutative analysis and operator algebras
  • Nonlinear analysis and inverse problems
  • Mathematical models of complex systems and fractal calculus

Place and dates

The conference will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine, at the Institute of Mathematics, National Acad. Sci. of Ukraine, from 7 to 11 of September, 2020.

Address: Tereschenkivska str. 3, Kyiv, Ukraine.


The workflow will be organized as a series of plenary 40 min. lectures, section 30 and 20 min talks, and a poster session. Also, we plan a memorial session where all participants are welcome to share their reminescences about Yu.M.Berezansky.


  • Anatoly Kochubei
  • Yuri Kondratiev
  • Vasyl Ostrovskyi

Program Commitee:

  • S. Albeverio
  • A. Antoniouk
  • V. Derkach
  • M. Dudkin
  • M. Gehtman
  • F. Gesztesy
  • L. Golinskii
  • E. Khruslov
  • H. Langer
  • V. Mikhailets
  • L. Nizhnik
  • A. Samoilenko
  • Yu. Samoilenko
  • K. Schmuedgen
  • I. Shevchuk
  • L. Streit
  • G. Torbin
  • E. Tsekanovsky
  • L. Turowska
  • L. Vainerman
  • A. Vershik
  • A. Zagorodniuk

Local Organizing Commitee:

  • I.Feschenko
  • A.Goriunov
  • M.Kachanovskyi
  • N.Popova
  • V.Rabanovich
  • O.Strelets
  • D.Yakymenko


Conference fee of 150 Euro includes Conference materials, welcome party and coffee breaks. The conference dinner (25 Euro) is charged separately. All payments are made in cash on check-in. Special prices are available for students and participants from Ukraine.