• A. Antoniouk
  • Edward Sichel
  • Marat Markin
  • Mariia Serdiuk
  • Oleksii Nikitchenko


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The American-Ukrainian colloquium series "Functional Analysis, Mathematical Physics, and Dynamical Systems" is intended to foster free exchange of ideas, create and consolidate contacts and collaborative opportunities between the scholars and graduate students involved in research in the areas of functional analysis, mathematical physics, and dynamical systems. The talks are to be given in English and kept at the level accessible to the graduate students and non-experts.

Organizers: Alexandra Antoniouk (UA),  Anatoly Kochubei (UA), Michel Lapidus (USA), Marat Markin (USA)
Colloquium Secretaries: Oleksii Nikitchenko (UA), Edward S. Sichel (USA)
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