Семінар Інституту математики НАН України

Geometries underlying deep properties of numbers

by Ivan Fesenko ( University of Nottingham)

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85958268840 (ONLINE)




Abstract: I will talk about adelic and anabelian geometries whose use expands our understanding of discrete structures such as integer numbers and solutions of  Diophantine equations


Ivan Fesenko (Chair of Pure Mathematics, University of Nottingham)

Research areas: algebraic number theory, higher number theory, algebraic K-theory, infinite group theory, higher Haar measure and integration on non-locally compact groups, functional analysis and mean-periodic functions, adelic symmetries and dualities, representation theory, algebraic geometry, anabelian geometry, epidemic modelling

Principal Investigator of EPSRC Programme Grant "Symmetries and Correspondences"

The author of proposal for new additional £300 million funding of UK mathematics and the coordinator of a group of mathematicians to produce its final version, the new funding was announced by the UK government in January 2020

60 former PhD students and postdoctoral visitors, C. Birkar became a Fields Medallist in 2018, he is the only home grown UK Medallist since 1997, some of the former young researchers are now professors in Univ. Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, Frankfurt, Chicago, UCLA, Beijing Univ., St Petersburg Univ., Kyoto Univ., Tsinghua Univ., Sorbonne